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Take advantage of our digital animations without leaving your home! Mixology workshops, cocktail challenges, cocktail kits and other home boxes, so many original and surprising events that you can enjoy from a distance. 


Digital cocktail workshop: a real online cocktail course!

Would you like to share an original event, without having to travel? Discover the virtual cocktail workshops online! With family, friends or colleagues, share an original event without leaving home. Our virtual cocktail workshop is the perfect balance between learning and fun. It mixes anecdotes, tips and advice given by the bartenders of the 1st French event bar agency. Working flair (the art of juggling while making drinks), exibition flair (pure showmanship, on stage or at the bar opening) or fire flair (juggling, flaming bottles), choose your type of bartender and service. We adapt to the needs of your reception.

The cocktail box for your digital workshop


We’ll deliver everything to you!

Cocktail kits, raw materials and even catering meals, we deliver everything to your home. Choose your event, the date and time of your event and your cocktails and don’t worry about anything else.

Digital team building: a real online challenge!

Challenge your friends, family or colleagues in our digital cocktail challenge!

What better way to bond while having fun than to compete in a good mood? With our digital cocktail challenge, you will first take a crash course in bartending. You will then learn how to use the bartender’s tools. Then you will have to create your own recipe and find the name of it. Finally, you will have to complete a quick online quiz and answer simple questions about the course you have taken, or about your general knowledge of the bar or cocktail.

A certain number of points will be awarded for the choice of the name of the cocktail, the choice of the recipe, and the online quiz to determine the winner of the digital cocktail challenge. A few days later, the winner will receive the digital cocktail challenge trophy at home.

A juggling bartender for your cocktail challenge!

A bartender’s flair (or barman juggler), is a true performance artist. He juggles the elements of the bar with great dexterity. Treat yourself to the highlight of the show with a barman juggler to host your digital cocktail challenge!

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The recipe sheet in PDF

Capture d’écran

Following your digital workshop, your sales representative will be able to send you the recipe sheet for the cocktails you learned to make during your animation. You can simply download it in PDF format. The video recording of the workshop can also be provided on request.

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