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All your media supports are provided

Find on this page all the necessary communication tools. Videos, photos, brochures and negotiation arguments, we have prepared everything you will need.

Partenaires - Votre Barman - Bar évenementiel

White label supports

The expression “white label”, means without logos. The video, photos or commercial brochures called “white label” do not include the logo of your provider. His name and contacts are not present either. You can then communicate more easily with your customers and increase your returns.

Our white label communication supports

Partenaires - Votre Barman - Bar évenementiel

In order to accompany you in your communication about our activity, we propose all our supports in white label. Videos, photos or commercial brochures, we provide you with everything you need to communicate about our services, without logo or contact. We have also slightly modified the original text so that our name does not appear in the content that we make available to you.

The video, our best proof!

Nothing better to convince a customer than to show him what he should expect. Luckily, part of our business is very visual and image is certainly our best argument. To allow you to communicate with your clients through video, we have created a totally neutral YouTube channel called “agence de barmans”. The videos are totally neutral and do not contain any mention, logo or contact of our agency. You will find the link below. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to get the video file. For our best customers and partners, we can personalize any support with your image (logo, name, contact) in order to market our services in your name.

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The presentation brochure


Download our white label brochure. You will find all our services to present them to your customers. Most of the options are cumulative. Do not hesitate to contact your sales representative for any particular request.


The negotiation arguments

We’re used to objections. That’s why we’ve provided you with a series of objections and common responses to help you respond to your customers. We have also provided you with a list of arguments that you can use during your exchanges and meetings with your client.

The cocktails & drinks menu

Partenaires - Votre Barman - Bar évenementiel

Download our white label cocktail and drink menu. You will find great classics, our best creations, as well as beers and wines selected by us. Our mixologists remain at your disposal to create, adapt or revisit your client’s cocktails. Do not hesitate to contact us for any specific request, we will formalize a customized proposal.

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