Votre Barman presents

The Cocktail Workshop

The principle of the cocktail workshop:

The cocktail workshop is a participative and playful animation, during which your guests will learn how to make their favorite cocktails, thanks to the advice of our expert bartenders and trainers. This animation is available in several formulas (creative workshops, cocktail challenge and flair session). Many options are also available (cocktail box, recipe booklet…).

The icing on the cake: at Votre Barman, our workshops are punctuated by a spectacular bar show!

The flair bartender, for a wow effect!

Working flair : the art of juggling while making cocktails.

Exhibition flair : the pure show, on stage or at the opening of the bar.

Fire flair: juggling flaming bottles.

Choose the profile of your bartender and your show!

Why opt for a cocktail workshop?

The cocktail workshop is the perfect animation to create links and reinforce team cohesion. It allows sharing and exchange.

You will discover the art and history of cocktails and learn all the tricks to make delicious cocktails with friends or family.

Our cocktail workshop can be adapted for a home party or a company seminar.

Our digital services

Atelier cocktails

Take advantage of our digital animations without leaving your home! Mixology workshops, cocktail challenges, cocktail kits and other home boxes, so many original and surprising activities that you can enjoy from a distance.

The cocktail workshop, an original animation

Are you looking for an original animation for your reception?

The cocktail workshop is an activity that can be adapted to all types of events (seminars, team building, trade shows, birthdays, private parties, weddings, evjf, evg …)

We provide you with a “turnkey” service, in order to relieve you of all organizational and logistical issues.

Pôle découverte: the ideal mix between bar and cocktail workshop

The discovery center is an animation that combines the assets of an authentic cocktail bar and those of a creative workshop. Each participant will be able to choose to order a cocktail at the bar, or to make it himself. One of our bartenders will be available to accompany your guests and give them all the necessary advice. 

The options of our cocktail workshops


We offer many options to complete our offers. Cocktail kits, home delivered boxes, stage effects, goodies & gifts, “nibbles” options, catering service… discover all our options !

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