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The art of the Barista

What is a barista?

The bartending profession can be broken down into three specialties. Some specialize in the creation of original cocktails (mixology), while others focus on the spectacular aspect of bar service (flair bartending), often called simply: “the flair”. Others are specifically dedicated to the art and knowledge of hot drinks (the barista)


The barista: definition

The barista (or Bartiste) is the expert in the preparation of all coffee-based drinks. Also called “the sommelier of coffee”, the barista excels in all knowledge and techniques related to coffee and its preparation in all its forms, it is a highly qualified technician on this subject. Therefore, he has a perfect knowledge of the methods of preparation, roasting and realization of coffees and realizes decorations thanks to the techniques of “latte art”. Finally, like any other discipline, there are French, European and world championships.

The latte art

Qu'est-ce-que la Mixologie

Latte Art: latte art is first of all a decoration technique on the coffee foam that the barman makes. The shapes and drawings are traditionally made during the service of coffee with the milk foam. The technique of latte art allows to realize geometrical forms or symbols, so some experienced baristas can realize complex and structured works.

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